Engineoid Group is a community of people, cranky on development of new internal combustion engines. Everyone understand - it is necessary to something to do with this archaic design but while only dig out engineering decisions of 30th years of the last century and try to finish them to a modern level.. For example, in 2005 engineers BMW have decided to jostle under a cowl "three-th" steam breakage-boiler and to use energy of exhaust gases for work of the steam turbine. This project, Turbosteamer, gives a gain of capacity on 10Kw, a gain of the twisting moment on 20Nm and economy of fuel on 15 %. It is rather creditable...

Linus Torvalds - the author of operational system Linux, has shown, how free developers can become successful, being guided by rules FreeLeft. This site - a place where it is possible to place the ideas if they are not a pity for giving everything, everything, all. Certainly, it is better to hold a trump as in a sleeve for even the large and widely known companies do not suffer surplus of high morals.

For an example I can result my letter sent in 2002 by usual mail of company Sony corp. In which I explained, how it is possible to improve sharply quality of sounding of microheadphones due to replacement of a wave principle of action on volumetric. Ten pairs such headphones has been made in 1987 by me for me and my friends in house conditions. I use the pair 20 years..:

 Sony Corporation ICR

 Goteyama Hills 4-7-35



 Tokyo, 140-001 Japan



 It was a long time ago... In 1987 I knew how to make acoustics miniheadphones very high quality. I have replaced a wave principle of transfer of a sound with a volumetric principle. For this purpose I made the orthopedic plastic inserts. Any dentist can make it...

 During 15 years I listen your SONY radio cassette corder WM - BF67 with my orthopedic headphones. However this idea still is only at me... Look at a photo, probably is a sense to think up the complete set for fast manufacturing these orthopedic siliconplastic inserts? I do not joke, such high end quality of a sound strongly impresses... What do you think about it?

 Yours Sincerely, Corobkin Serge Georg.

To me the way and destiny of this information is unknown, however in 2005 on wide sale there were headphones - nails with volumetric transfer of a sound (as in a medical phonendoscope) and high quality of sounding. My orthopedic with which it is possible to sleep - much more conveniently and more beautifully. At last, in February, 2007, I have heard and have seen " News of high technologies " in a telecast as make today high-quality orthopedic hearing aids.. That me has amused in a plot - have repeated even my first mistake for it is necessary to stop up the channel of an ear not cotton wool, and a slice of foam rubber. This plot has raised my self-esteem - I was ahead of a planet of all in current already 20 years... As to a trump in a sleeve - greater acoustic systems are still very far from perfect also I something there I know...

Today my headphones in a combination with Nokia-N93i - it is shrill a high-quality sound...

Naturally, this page - a drop at ocean Internet, however it allows to hold our information in sight search systems, it allows to refer to it at negotiations and it shows time of the publication of the information.Hence, the priority of our information remains at us, not bringing us of any direct advantage... However who could think, what the army of the USA will stop the choice on operational system Linux and will invite Linus Torvalds? Represent, how Bill Gates raged?

As a rule, inventors rather multifaceted, them irrepressible thirst of perfection moves, therefore in the light future this site will turn to site extremely interesting and is boundless various...

Systems of search react to keywords, therefore a choice of the name of clause - very responsible moment. Engineoid, Inventoid - such words are not present in languages of a planet and nobody will type them casually but as their sense as much they mean is deep and as search systems quickly react to them! On the other hand, development of a site on system " Small party " is possible only under references, it is slow process... From the third party - inventors, creators are rare birds, in opinion of stinkers are the most tasty men, remote, as the Everest. Hence, it is necessary to be more sociable, is more sociable, especially, when the next work and emission endorfins is finished excites your brains. Therefore it is more courageous, children! Be registered on all sites of acquaintances, search of friends on interests, write to magazines, on TV, do not avoid special services, use them... Curiosity of people is our working tool and it is necessary to them to use, differently destiny of ideas - an attic of obscurity, as at lord Calvin.. It is very a pity, for example, that site does not work. Probably, have not paid a hosting...

Structure of a site - the usual book. It is not necessary to forget about strict semantic structurization as in the Big Soviet encyclopedia, differently there will be a heap of dust in which itself will not find. Do not forget - texts for translation on English and Japanese should be as it is possible is easier, without art and slang turns. Let's study to think shortly, clearly, laconically!

How to pay - I do not know, but try in each concrete case somehow it to do, for where, for example, you will find American-Russian-Japanese interpreter? Look further - uselas at an ostrich, small fry.. In fact language on which the idea is stated, defines also an audience, whether not so?

Good luck all, all, all...

SergeCorobkin = 23:58 11.12.2007

And concerning-concerning to shape of morals modern business-ugly creatures - fresh supervision... In October 2008 I have bought the annual budget-host in the English company "" for 11,5 $. Cheap stuff... I Have named the future site "" for so my future catamaran refers to, the helicopter from this catamaran and very few people knows - the religious organization of seamen on our planet... My friends both their friends, and their friends, having seen this name - typed it and found out nothing... However the server fixed attendance and to system administrators was to not understand - why people breaks on this empty site, and with an enviable constancy?

At last, in May, I have reached this plan and have decided to borrow in a site. However far from it is a domain name is on sale as an empty site of a premium-class. You represent, what size the toad has strangled them, what they have rushed to sell, at all not having asked me? I have asked on all of them to addresses - why? Silence..., however access to me on FTP have covered. Probably, small were fixed. I think what to sell it will not burn out - my friends will not buy, and it is not necessary to other people... Here so, the friend, operates grey poverty.

SergeCorobkin = 0:04 01.07.2009